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Extra time

Meditations on time and movement - these pieces are designed to capture a perfect moment as the viewer looks up at the ball before it drops.


Made of weathered and worn leather, it is a young person’s ball or one from an older person’s past. Replacing the moon, it signifies hopes and dreams for the future but also those of the past and those vicariously lived through offspring or future generations.


The stars are plotted with care to faithfully represent the relative positioning and magnitude of the constellations. Layers of deep blue paint are glazed over black to mimic the earth’s atmosphere pricked with starlight.


Inspiration for the series:


I began making these paintings when I started contemplating parenthood. I thought about what I had and hadn’t achieved and what it would be like when I put those goals aside and focused on the hopes and aspirations of my future offspring.


I chose to use the football for its ubiquity – an image that transcends countries and languages. The night sky was employed to symbolise dreams which could be shared by anyone, anywhere – we all gaze upon the same moon and stars and ultimately hold the same hopes for our children.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about any of these pieces

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