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London Visions

Tower Bridge Nocturne
One tree hill (Honor oak park)
Embankment bridge Nocturne
View west from Southwark Bridge_edited
Gabriel's Wharf Nocturne
South Bank no.2

London Visions at the Leyden gallery curated by Martin Ireland brings together 11 artists who each have a unique take on the capital.

I'm particularly interested in the juxtapostion of old and new in the city - architecture is added in any convenient space and new buildings can line-up adjacent to historic structures.

In response to this, I have produced cityscapes in traditional pre-20th century style but with today's glass and steel edifices alongside the buildings and wharfs prominent in previous centuries. Like a past vision of the future, I invite the viewer to consider their transient place in the story of London and how the vista may change again.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Stonewall charity

Please contact me for prices or any further information

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