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South Bank and Soho

I have returned time and again to paint this small yet vibrant area of London.

The neon light from the newly restored Raymond's Revue sign and the colourful sex shops flood the junction of Rupert and Brewer Street before leading into Walkers Court and giving way to the habadasheries of Berwick street.

Looking South from this narrow passage, the bright hues continue past the Gielgud theatre and out into Shaftesbury avenue. In Soho no.2 the viewer emerges from Tisbury Court and towards Compton Street and in Soho no.4 you're on Wardour street heading back towards the glowing rhombus above my favourite intersection.

I made these pieces throughout lockdown using collaged reference material and memory. I've always endeavoured to capture the feel of walking through this place rather than faithfully render a single snapshot. It's the type of space that swims in and out of focus as people of all procilivities pass each other by, which is why the oil paint is loose and inky and nothing gets more than a few strokes of definition.

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