150 x 150 cm

Oil on Linen

I've been expanding my colour palette and exploring my ongoing series of totem paintings. Again, I've used vigorous swipes of paint contained within a geometric environment to encourage the viewer to enter in (I've taken some fresh inspiration from Yakoi Kusama's infinity rooms when dwelling on exhibtions which moved me in recent years). In the latest work 'Fabricator', lockdown has led me to revisit old memories, reference materials and textrures which have become fragments that appear on the columns - cropped and painted to the point of abstraction.

On show at Waterhouse and Dodd - Contemporary art online until Apr 2nd


These canvases invite the viewer to explore a vibrant and evolving cityscape; a forest of red columns evokes the urban environment, they stretch vertically above the viewer to suggest continual growth.


The columns are uniform in shape, but are distinguished from one another by the varied marks they carry — residual evidence left behind like fingerprints by individual inhabitants of the city.

From gossamer threads and calligraphic strokes to stuttering daubs, each black mark differs in speed, intensity, weight and trajectory. The variety of marks constitutes an abstract language — reminiscent of cave painting, graffiti and even digital and DNA coding, which builds to create a record of the urban experience as well as to denote the boundaries of the individual.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about any of these pieces