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I take inspiration from a childhood fascination with outer space. From painting painstakingly rendered starfields to playfully colliding worlds, I am equally inspired by the research of cutting-edge cosmologists and the unbounded curiosity of my two young daughters.  



Imagining a system of floating or orbiting spheres which almost completely dominate the picture plane in which I aim to create a simultaneous tension and harmony. Drawn from a collection of small preparatory maquettes – made from modelling clay, plasticine and play dough – the compositions are blown up in scale to describe a colossal celestial interaction.

I keep relatively true to the playful qualities of the sculptures to offset the drama of potential destruction synonymous with inter-planetary collision. That said, I have been careful to avoid any foregone conclusions. I wanted to leave space for the viewer to interpret and imagine the relationships between the worlds:  scale, momentum, position, influence, dominance are all up for grabs in the paintings.

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